Right before the release of IT CHAPTER TWO, Stephen King slammed Jake Kerridge from The Telegraph for questioning his writing skills!! Fans came to support!!

Yesterday evening an article was published on The telegraph where the Auther Jake Kerridge questioned Stephen King’s work and said that he can’t write a good ending.

So, who Jake Kerridge is? Well, according to his twitter account, he is “Booksy artsy journalisty type. Crime fiction critic of the Daily Telegraph.” In his recent article in The Telegraph, Jake questioned Stephen King’s writing skills which made Stephen King share his opinion on Twitter.

After that, many fans came out to tell him how good of a writer he is and one even said, ” I’ve never heard of Jake Kerridge. Can’t seem to find him in my bookshelf…”

The article in The Telegraph mainly talked about the various novels written by King. He also mentioned his book, IT, where he talks about the most notable clown Pennywise, whom he called a wheedling clown, King’s most brilliantly gruesome and horrifying creations.

This Friday, 6th Sep 2019, IT Chapter Two will be released, and from the trailer, we can say that Pennywise will be easy on kids not on adults. He is going to come back with more fear and pain! It Almost gives a chill, when Pennywise says, “For 27 Years, I dreamt of you. I’ve craved you. I’ve missed you!”