Ricky And Morty Season 4 Remaining Episodes Might Be Delayed Due To This Sudden Coronavirus Attack and lockdown! Check out why and all latest updates.

While fans were happy when the popular show Rick and Morty came back for a fourth season. However, this happiness was short-lived as the season was not completed.

Fans Are Urging Rick And Morty Makers To Release Other Remaining Episodes!

The show’s fourth season was stopped midway and it was released in two equal halves with the other had episodes set to release later. However, now that people are in a sudden house arrest situation they are demanding the remaining episodes be released as soon as possible.

However, although it seems like the episodes are yet to release on the streaming service. The show has, however, issued a short clip to be healthy and safe during this time of crisis. The clipping is asking people to be safe and rather stay indoors as much as possible. Take a look at the short video.

The Release Of The Remaining Episodes Will Delay For Coronavirus Attack!

Although it was pretty much confirmed that the rest of the episodes will.be released this year, however, the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic has forced most productions of US television series to halt their filming midway and editing schedules for the time being. So, fans have to wait for a while before the whole thing comes to a normal pace.

This new crisis will surely delay the release of the rest of the episodes. An image his doing the rounds where the makers are thanking fans for their patience during this time. However, fans were quick to notice observe that the image is not from the official page. Many studios have halted their production due to.this highly contagious virus in order to ensure every cast and crew members safety.