Rick and Morty: When will Season 4 Return with Remaining Episodes? Let’s Find Out.

This American adult comedy TV series is created by Justin Roland with the help of Dan Harmon and is developed for the Cartoon Community channel. The heroes of the show are Ricky, who is an old scientist and Morty ,his grandson. Both together make this show adventurous.

The fourth season of the animation series that has garnered huge fan following was released last year and had gone on a mid-seasonal break after release of 5 episodes.


The first episode of Season 4 was premiered on November 2019 and the rest of the episodes were released between November till mid of December. The  remaining five out of ten will premiere sometime in 2020. And fans are eagerly waiting for another episode six to come out.

Release Date

No official release date has yet been announced, At first, it was rumored that episode 6 is expected to come out in April 2020. But as of now, there is no information that when episode 6 will release.

Voice Cast

The titular characters will be voiced by Justin Roiland.  Summer, Beth, and Jerry, will be voiced by Sarah Chalke and Chris Parne. Earlier seasons had guest appearance from stars like Gillian Jacobs, Joel McHale, Thomas Middleditch and many more. This is expected to continue with season 4 as well.


In chapter 5, we saw that the  scientist Rick was dying again and again. The crazy journey of this grand-father grandson duo is going to be a pleasure to watch out.

The main adventure from chapter 5 was of Rick dying again and again, and Morty had discovered a race of intelligent space snake after he suffered a bite. Now, it is going to be fun to see the crazy journey of this grandfather- grandson duo. Let us hope that episode will come out soon.