Rick and Morty Season 4: Has Coronavirus pnademic caused the animation to delay episode 6?


The animated television show Rick and Morty season 4 that will contain 10 episodes, is now facing problems in releasing of its episodes. Rumors are on fire that due to the wake of the Corona outbreak, it seems increasingly possible that episode number 6 might get delayed

The only official words from the Adult Swim about when would episode 6 might air is “Season 4 will return in 2020” on its official Twitter account.
Erica Hayes, one of the show’s directors previously told the opposite, that since the series is fully animated, it does not require any real actors, crew members or team for its production and the show’s art department mostly had same technology available at home. So, just because there is no official statement regarding episode 6 might air doesn’t mean that Rick and Morty is delayed.

Over social media, Adult Swim infrequently shares many Rick and Morty themed animated commercials. One of them was recently released on the 18th of March. Another one is a 20-second clip on March 21 related to how long people should be washing their hands. Rick and Morty fans get really excited every time something like this happens and the comments and replies are packed with fans asking questions about the next episodes. But relatively, it is taking more time for its production.

How long do we Wait?

From what we’ve been told by one of its director, Erica Hayes, a single episode of the show approximately takes nine to twelve months to produce from ideation to completion. Well, it is never easy to make an Emmy award-winning animated series. Hence, patience is very much vital here. It is better to take as much time to do it right rather than compromising the quality of its content.