Richard Madden will make a banging comeback with Bodyguard season 2! Excited? You should be! Here is everything we know.

Everyone’s favorite celebrity, Jed Mercurio recently confirmed it through his twitter handle that they are going to have a Bodyguard season 2. People who watched Bodyguard season 1 were in love with Richard Madden and Keeyley Halves chemistry. And they are eagerly wanting Bodyguard season 2.

However we have a bit of surprising element for you during this pandemic. There are chances that the premier of Bodyguard season 2 might delay a bit. Thus, we’ll have to wait a little longer for it. However, the fans do not need to get worried or upset about it. The news that there’ll be a second season for Bodyguard is final.

About Bodyguard season 1

Bodyguard season 1 was one of the biggest series released in 2018. And it is also the most viewed drama of the Streaming Service, BBC. The first season got around 10 million views on all week. The show revolved around a war veteran, David Budd who later had to become a bodyguard for the safety of Home Secretary Julia Montague. But by the end of the first season we see that Julia is dead in a terrorist attack.

What is season 2 all about?

Well, now Bodyguard season 2 will be answering all our questions. Is Julia really dead or was she saved by some supernatural powers? If she’s alive will she return for the second season? And if Julia is dead, will there be an entry of another girl in David’s life? Who’ll will return back for the second season? And there are a lot of doubts the fans have regarding the show. Well, all your doubts will hopefully be cleared in the second season. Stay tuned we’ll inform you if there’s any update regarding the show.