Revolution at its best! Microsoft with new feature: Allows Users to Make Calls Via PC!!

Microsoft’s Your Phone App Now Allows Users to Make, Receive Calls From Their PC. This is indeed a huge change. Not just some small change but a big one, which will bring lots of differences to the recent technology also. This feature was being tested by Windows inside members for a few months. Now after all the tests, it was proven to be a successful one.

With this new feature, users can make calls, check call history, decline calls and even send a text. Thinking about it just makes all the people just ‘wow’ how big of a change Microsoft brought to its users.

This feature can be used for Your Phone App. It connects our phone to the PC. So while working on the PC, the users do not have to bother to go take phones and waste time. With this, the call gets connected, through which, time can be saved and calls are made throughout the using PC by the user.

It can be used by Windows 10. The Windows 10 preview build 18999 from Insiders(20H1), somewhere around in October was tested for a few months before it came out to the public. Users now have the freedom to use PC just like their won phones. If the phone is connected to PC, then calls can be taken, call history can be seen. Also if a call cannot be taken, then it can be rejected with a custom message. So this feature is, in fact, a great one so hopefully with time, everyone would be able to use it to its best and maximum.

There are some technical requirements for these new features to be added to the public. It can be either through Android 7 Nougat on the phone by Your Phone App, which can be installed from Google Play. Also, the Windows 10 needs to have Bluetooth support for this feature to take place and the users to enjoy it to its maximum level.