Review: J. J Abrams, Henry Abrams and Sara Pichelli’s ‘Spider-Man #1’; Narration, Artwork and everything else is just perfect for an Awesome Comic Ride

Good news ahead for Marvel fans. J.J. Abrams’s limited comic series of Spiderman is finally out. J.J. Abrams has co-written the series with his son Henry Abrams. The father-son duo has collaborated with Sara Pichelli for the artwork in the comic. Other than them, Joe Caramagna (for letters), Dave Stewart (for colors) and Elisabetta D’Amico (inking assistant) were also involved in the making of the comic series.

Talking about the narration in the comic, the story has been executed really well and the moves are at a great clip. In the end, when Ben discovers his powers, though it appears familiar but it has been written in a way so as to capture awe from the readers. The description of Peter Parker initially seems strange as it is hard to see him in such a situation. But the series is successful in drawing the reader’s compassion making him ponder as to how he has read the Spiderman comics.

Coming to the art of the book, we can in no way deprive Sara Pichelli of appreciation for the artwork. The images hold a very amazing kind of energy within them, yet the static images possess great pause and stillness. D’Amico’s inking assist and Stewart’s colors are a treat to the eyes with Caramagna’s letterings.

In a nutshell, the Spiderman comic book good to read and worth your time and money. With its stunning art, the book becomes undeniably a must-read.