“Revealed his relationship status”: So hilarious to see how “Old Town Road” Star LilNax X reached “The Ellen Show.”


Rapper/singer Lil Nas X visited Ellen for the first time and talked about his decision to come out as gay at the height of his new career, and revealed whether he is in a relationship. He also got an unexpected scare from “Billy Ray Cyrus.”
As of now, the #1 tune on the US Billboard Charts, the UK Single Charts, the Australian ARIA Charts, and a few other universal outlines is ‘Old Town Road’ by 20-year-old craftsman Lil Nas X (original name Montero Lamar Hill). The story behind the most fabulous tune on the planet right currently is genuinely entertaining. If you comprehend why this tune is noteworthy, you will pick up understanding into how culture, media, and innovation remarkably meet up in the 21st century. It is a window into the eventual fate of media outlets and lights up how the world is evolving. Through the more significant part of 2018, Lil Nas X was battling monetarily, living with his sister in Atlanta and attempting to turn into a rapper. He was making his very own music, transferring it to sound conveyance stage Soundcloud, and afterward advancing his tune through images via web-based networking media. One of these tunes was ‘Old Town Road.’ Lil Nas X purchased the tune’s beat from a 19-year-old delivered from the Netherlands called YoungKio, off the site Beatstars. Lil Nas X paid around $40 for the hit.
YoungKio made the beat by remixing the first track ’34 Ghosts IV,’ which was composed by modern musical gang Nine Inch Nails as a component of the 2008 test collection Ghosts I-IV. That collection Ghosts I-IV was intentionally discharged under a Creative Commons permit, which implied that anybody was legitimately permitted to reuse, remix, and circulate the material insofar as they gave credit to the journalists. Presently the blend of YoungKio, Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) and Atticus Ross (Nine Inch Nails) are altogether recorded on the tune credits of ‘Old Town Road.’