Resident Alien Season 2 First Teaser Released – Inside Scoop and Shocking Storyline Stored!

Resident Alien season 2 gets a first look teaser along with a behind-the-scenes footage

The sci-fi comedy series Resident Alien is back on board with a second season. SYFY recently unveiled a first look teaser of season 2 at the New York Comic-Con, 2021. SYFY also released behind-the-scenes footage of season 2. However, they didn’t reveal a specific release date for season 2 though it is speculated to roll out in the first few months of 2022.

Resident Alien: Overview

This sci-fi drama is an adaptation of the comic series by Stephen Parkhouse and Peter Hogan. Resident Alien follows the tale of an alien (played by Alan Tudyk) who set out on a mission to wipe out the human race on Earth. After crashing on Earth, he kills a man who belongs to a small town and embodies him. With his spaceship busted, he is left stranded on Earth in the body of the man, who the alien later learns is a doctor.

Further, in order to keep his alien identity a secret, he must blend with the humans. While struggling to keep up his doctor facade, the more he learns about humans, the more he becomes charmed by them. Eventually, he starts to debate on his mission. The series also focuses on few other characters to whom the alien reveals his true identity. Overall the series is a perfect combo of sci-fi, doctor-comedy cum mystery!

 Resident Alien Season 2 First Teaser Released - Inside Scoop and Shocking Storyline Stored!
James Dittinger/SYFY

The first look teaser and the featurette:

Resident Alien‘s new teaser gave fans a sneak peek of the upcoming season. Moreover, season two might resolve the secrets and mysteries left hanging in the previous one. But, the 20-second brief teaser video didn’t seem to be ample for the show’s fans.

However, the short film of behind-the-scenes of season 2 featured the unveiling of season 2’s details from the show’s cast themselves. The video revealed how cast members were pretty eager for the Resident Alien season 2. Check out the behind-the-scenes footage below: