Reporter, Alex Bozarjian feels insulted after she was sexually abused while reporting Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run!!

Runner accused of groping reporter during live TV broadcast charged with sexual battery. There was a marathon that was recently held at Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run. Reporter, Alex Bozarjian reported there while this incident took place. The police charged the case against Thomas CallawayCallaway. He was later arrested on Friday at 5 pm after a case was charged against him by Alex. Thomas was released bail after paying $1,500 as a bail amount.

It was an insult and a great shame for the reporter. It was said that Thomas slapped her and grabbed her backside. It was clear in the video. Alex reported this news on social media and many people supported her. The post had lots of likes and comments, which was pretty shocking.

People were so shocked by the behavior. Thomas later apologized for his behavior. He even said that it was an accident and he just was waving back to others. But in the video, it does not seem like that. There is no use in denying it by saying it was an accident when it can see in the video that it was done purposefully.

Thomas even said in social media that he totally regrets his behavior and that he is totally sorry. He regrets doing it and knows it was not the right thing to do.

Well, Alex is not happy with it. She felt humiliated by the scene. She filed a case. Her lawyer fought for her clearly in a case of not backing off at all from it. Hopefully with this, these types of scenes would not repeat again because it is not something to be left off and not cared about. It is a big deal because it is like humiliating a person in public, which is so not a good way to act in public or wherever.