Reportedly Dr. Phil Workplace is Extremely Toxic and Abusive

Latest report claims Dr. Phil workplace as toxic

Buzzfeed News published a report this Thursday which took everyone by surprise. The report accuses the popular daytime TV series Dr. Phil workplace of being toxic. Written by Krystie Lee Yandoli, more than a dozen former and current employees confessed that the seniors frequently used abusive language and unethical behavior.

Dr. Phil McGraw
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The employees also claimed that there was an atmosphere of general cruelty on the sets of the show. As a result, this behaviour has created a negative impact on the mental health of the workers.

The report claims that even guests are mistreated

Considering the treatment of guests on the show, nearly five employees claimed that the senior produces misbehave with the guests on the show and even make fun of them. Apparently this treatment was extended more towards people of colour.

The accusations claimed that the producers of the show often manipulate and mock the people who come there and gave preference to booking white people.

4 former employees and 1 current employee commented that the executive producer Carla Pennington screamed at the workers and threatened to fire the people. Moreover, 1 former employee said it was traumatizing and completely unacceptable in any business.

A spokesperson for the show denied all allegations

Only one ex-employee of the show went on record to convey their criticism. While the other sources where completely anonymous because they have the fear of retribution and retaliation.

A spokesperson on Dr. Phil denied all claims and released a statement saying that the series comprises of more than 200 hardworking and proud staff members who have been working for two decades.

Dr. Phil McGraw
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Dr. Phil McGraw issued a statement in support of Pennington and called all stories fictional. Pennington’s lawyers claim that Buzzfeed wanted to create a viral story and spent months creating a baseless narrative and anonymous sources to support the story.