Renowned Artists ‘Ray Winstone’ and ‘Anna Paquin’ Locked for Stephen Moyer’s “A Bit of Light”

Stephen Moyer is all set to deliver another sophomore

The exclusive report is saying that Oscar winner Anna Paquin and International Emmy Winner Ray Winstone are all set to star in “A Bit of Light.” It is expected that the movie is going to be based on some musical events. However, there is no information about the plot details of the movie. The good thing is that Stephen Moyer will be directing the movie. He is best known for his role as vampire Bill Compton in the HBO series True Blood.

Other than Anna Paquin and Ray Winstone, Pippa Bennett- Warner and BAFTA nominee Youssef Kerkour are also part of the cast. The extra good news is that the production team has already begun the shooting of the movie in the UK.

Emmy Winner 'Ray' and Oscar Winner 'Anna' to Star in Stephen Moyer's "A Bit of Light"
Instagram | Ray Winstone

Moyer always wanted “A Bit of Light” to be his second film

Moyer said that he always wanted “A Bit of Light” to be his second project. He added that the moment he started reading the stage play of “A Bit of Light”, he could not imagine but making it his second movie. Moyer first met Rebecca who is the writer of the play almost 25 years ago. They both were starred in another project opposite to each other. 

He is also sure about the cast he has chosen. Moyer believes that Anna and Ray together make perfect pairs and he just can’t wait to direct the movie. 

Renowned Artists 'Ray Winstone' and 'Anna Paquin' Locked for Stephen Moyer's "A Bit of Light" 1
Credit: Twitter | Anna paquin

Other extended members of “A bit of light”

Anja Neumann, Egor Noskov, Victor Glynn and Geoff Ile, Rebecca Callard, Jim Reeve, Robert Halmi, Cindy Teperman, and Sabine Schenk will produce the movie executively. Moreover, Phin Glynn and Axel Kuschevatzky are the producers of the movie.