Remember, Ross And Rachael of F.R.I.E.N.D.S!! Well, it looks like they are still together?? checkout for details!!

Ross And Rachael were on a break or not? This debate continued to bother fans even after the season and still continues to be a question that is worth our attention!

Rachael Stepping Into The World of Insta!

Recently Jennifer Aniston took Instagram by storm by finally creating an Insta account and getting millions of followers within hours! It seems like people from all around the globe are celebrating Jennifer’s entry into the world of Insta. She uploaded an adorable picture of the whole Friends cast. We were all taken aback by a strong wave of nostalgia!

Some known faces are also big fans, and one of them is none other than former Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe, who asked Jennifer whether Ross and Rachael are still together or not! Jennifer wasted no time and soon replied using the popular catchphrase from the sitcom,” We’re on a break.”Kaitlyn was too excited and ended up sharing the whole conversation on her own account. Talk about fandom!

Jennifer Talks About  The Whole Break Thing?

This popular catchphrase gained all the attention after Rachael suggested that she takes a gap in the relationship, and soon after, Ross ends up sleeping with another girl. He later defends the action by saying that they were on a break.

This incident was much talked about even after the show got over, and fans just can’t get over the break-up, it seems!

Jennifer Aniston is clearly celebrating her new entry on Insta, and Fans are surely excited about the same! Jennifer was recently asked about a Friends reunion, and she said she had no issues being part of the reunion. We all also are hoping for a reunion soon and to know what happened to Ross and Rachael!  It seems like no one is over the ‘break thing.’ Well, we wonder what Ross has to say about all this! And even the other cast members as a matter of fact.