Red Sonja Movie Starts Production Gail Simone Confirms Involvement in Millenium’s ‘Red Sonja’ Film

Red Sonja begins filming 

Hannah John-Kamen was recently chosen for the lead role in the upcoming Red Sonja revival, which has already started its development. Alongside Tasha Huo and director and co-writer Joel Soloway, Kamen is a writer.

The project’s plot has mostly remained a mystery, but Sonja’s backstory and how she came to be the sword-wielding heroine will probably be explored. Since her debut, Roy Thomas’ Red Sonja has been a well-known comic book character. She initially appeared alongside Conan the Barbarian in Conan the Barbarian #23. Gail Simone, best known for her work on Batgirl and Birds of Prey, later revived the character.

Red Sonja

Red Sonja: Queen of Plagues marked the beginning of Simone’s work on the character. Art of Blood and Fire, The Forgiving of Monsters, and an anthology series centered on the character, appropriately titled Legends of Red Sonja, would all continue the story with the character. Simone quickly expressed interest in the initiative after learning about it and took to Twitter to share her excitement.

Fans instantly asked Simone what her opinions were on the upcoming project on Twitter as the movie’s production lately drew nearer. Simone nonchalantly stated that she had been a consultant on the project since “nearly day one” in response to the barrage of comments and inquiries.

I’ve been a consultant on the movie virtually from the beginning! May 5, 2021 — Gail Simone (@GailSimone)

Given that Simone’s portrayals of the character are some of the most cherished by fans, her inclusion in the movie is unquestionably a fantastic addition to the endeavor. There is currently no release date for the project, and the cast is still empty.

The Red Sonja film is once more in danger?

Recognizing that something I truly wanted to happen is, for whatever reason, just not meant to be is something that, I’ll confess, doesn’t take much to go wrong. There is undoubtedly merit in tenacity, perseverance, and conquering countless challenges, but how many overt cues from the universe must you take before accepting that it is simply not going to happen? You eventually just have to wave the white flag, commend yourself for a job well done, and acknowledge that enough is enough.

Well, perhaps not. That is, if the people in charge of the protracted, protracted, protracted-delayed “Red Sonja” film have anything to say about it.

It may sound repetitive, but the production has experienced yet another setback. The Hollywood Reporter claims that the latest hurdle standing in the way of the upcoming live-action Marvel Comics character adaptation is the U.S. immigration office. The project’s current director, M.J. Bassett, who is also known for “Silent Hill: Revelation,” the Megan Fox-starring “Rogue,” as well as a number of episodes of “Ash vs. Evil Dead,” “Altered Carbon,” and the upcoming “Terminal List,” has taken the extreme step of suing U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

The action is a last-ditch effort to rescue the production, according to Bassett, who claims that the government has been pushing off her request to fly to Europe to start filming without justification.

According to the source, a significant portion of the case, which was submitted this past Monday in the federal court system of California, relates to the USCIS delaying her immigration process as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. By making it difficult, if not impossible for her to travel to Greece and Bulgaria for pre-production and filming, as well as, more critically, by rendering the movie uninsurable and thus dooming it before it even starts, according to Bassett, she runs the possibility of losing up to $1 million.

It was announced that “Red Sonja” would eventually begin principal photography on June 20, 2022, with preproduction beginning in Bulgaria on March 28. Even if Bassett wins this lawsuit, it is unknown at this time if those dates have any possibility of proceeding as planned.