Red Notice 2 in Progress Already? When will the sequel to Netflix movie be out?

When will Red Notice 2 be released?

The Netflix original released to acclaim in November 2021, with record-breaking viewership making it the most-watched Netflix film ever.

With about 329 million watching hours by consumers around the world in the first 28 days, it’s unsurprising that a Red Notice 2 will be issued. Thank heavens, because Red Notice was apparently Netflix’s most costly film to date, at a budget of more than $200 million.

With such a large budget, Red Notice was able to enlist the talents of Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, and Gal Gadot to star in the film. Deadpool, Luke Hobbs, and Wonder Woman are some of his other names. The global heist film Red Notice will be coming to Netflix with a fresh new instalment, and we’ve got all the details on the Red Notice 2 release date, including actors, narrative, and more. We’re in for an all-action feast, man, oh man.

Red Notice

When will Red Notice 2 be released?

It’s time for Red Notice 2. The film, however, will not only have a sequel, but two. The addition of more films is unsurprising, given that Red Notice had the greatest opening weekend ever for a Netflix picture.

We know Red Notice 2 will be released, but we don’t know when. The Digital Fix claimed in November 2021 that writer and director Rawson Marshall Thurber had said that if Red Notice 2 and 3 were both greenlit, he would shoot them back-to-back.

And, according to Deadline, this is exactly where Netflix is right now as they start the early stages of production with the hopes of going full-steam forward in early 2023, depending on negotiations and the schedules of the stars. However, with such big names in the cast, getting this to Netflix will require some planning.

So it’s fortunate that Red Notice’s convoluted conclusion sets up a possible sequel, with the fearsome starring trio – Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot – preparing to get involved in an even greater robbery. Johnson, who also produced the film through his Seven Bucks Productions company, had previously hinted at a sequel before its release.

We’ll have to wait and see, especially since Ryan Reynolds declared an acting vacation on Instagram in October 2021, following some intense filming with Will Ferrell in the upcoming film Spirited.

Red Notice

If we assume they began filming in early 2023, we can expect a release date around the end of 2023. However, if production is delayed or stifled by Red Notice 3, it may be 2024. However, with back-to-back output, the gap between 2 and 3 may be shorter.

Netflix was said to be in the early stages of planning back-to-back filming for two Red Notice sequels in January 2022. The plan is to start filming in early 2023, and writer-director Rawson Marshall Thurber is said to have started writing the scripts.

Netflix sequels often arrive two years after the first film, putting the release date around November 2023. This appears to be a bit of a rush, given that production doesn’t start until 2023 and there are two films to shoot.

Is there a trailer for Red Notice 2?

We don’t have a trailer for Red Notice 2 to show you right now. If all goes according to plan and production begins in 2023, we should have something to report by then, so stay tuned.

What will happen in the sequel to Red Notice?

If you haven’t seen the first one, beware! Red Notice finished with a fantastic storyline twist, revealing that Hartley (Johnson) had been working alongside The Bishop the entire time to obtain the three eggs. Up until this time, viewers and Booth (Reynolds) were led to assume that The Bishop was Gal Gadot. When it was actually a dual role and they’re a couple(!).

Red Notice

With this admission, the two set Booth up for arrest by Interpol, who had been following them all along. When Booth shows up months later, Hartley and The Bishop are luxuriating on a yacht in the middle of the ocean.

He provided the information of the couple’s secret off-shore bank account and had all their money seized to obtain his release from Interpol. They’re now available for a new “three-thief job.” Hooray! The scene switches to Paris, where the trio are seen outside the Louvre Museum contemplating their next move, giving us an insight into the probable plot of Red Notice 2.

So, we’re officially set for a sequel, with another bigger and better robbery in the works for the three, guaranteeing big, splashy headlines, exactly the way Booth likes it.

The most surprising surprise in Red Notice (among many) is that Hartley has been working with The Bishop all along. They’re both The Bishop, and they’ve been duping Booth.

They needed Booth to tell them where Cleopatra’s missing egg was so they could sell the three of them for $300 million to an Egyptian tycoon. They then double-cross the billionaire by having him apprehended by Interpol.

When Booth turns back six months later, Hartley and The Bishop are relaxing on a yacht in Sardinia. He informed Interpol about their hidden bank account, which froze their assets, thereby wiping out $300 million.

Booth has been offered a new “three-thief gig,” which they must accept because Booth also revealed the location of their yacht to Interpol.

The new position offers “triple the cash, quadruple the difficulty,” and the trio is seen outside the Louvre Museum in Paris in the last minutes of Red Notice. Is it just the Mona Lisa they’re after, or do they have their sights set on something bigger?

A more pressing concern is whether they can trust one another. “Is it possible or not? I can’t seem to stop thinking about what I want to accomplish next as a writer-director. These characters, this environment, and this tone all appeal to me “Thurber explained to GamesRadar.

While we doubt that this theft will be the focus of the sequel, it wouldn’t be surprising if Red Notice 2 picked up where the first left off. All we can say is that it won’t be easy, and there will be plenty of double-crosses.

Who is in the cast of Red Notice 2?

Despite getting themselves into some dangerous situations in the first film, no one died, so we can expect everyone to return for the sequel. Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot are expected to reprise their roles as John Hartley, Nolan Booth, and The Bishop, respectively, however we now know that Hartley is merely another incarnation of The Bishop, so who knows if that’s his real name.

Red Notice

Without Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, and Gal Gadot, Red Notice wouldn’t be Red Notice. So we may anticipate the trio to return in Red Notice 2 for another huge robbery. As previously said, the stars must literally align for Red Notice 2 to happen.

We expect Ritu Arya to return as Interpol inspector Urvashi Das after issuing red alerts to the three of them. Chris Diamantopoulos could possibly make a return as armaments trader Sotto Voce, seeking vengeance after The Bishop betrayed him.

When all, we never saw what happened to him after Hartley and Booth escaped from him, with Diamantopoulos telling TheWrap that they shot a sequence of him being arrested but it was deleted from the film.

There’s no reason to rule out any of the names we’ve mentioned because no one met their maker in Red Notice. But, like with any sequel, we’re confident that some big stars will join the cast for Red Notice 2, especially given the game’s initial success.

Now, we understand that there is a bit of a wait for further information on Red Notice 2, so if you’re searching for something to watch in the meanwhile, we’ve compiled a list of the best action and comedy films of all time.

Updates on the Red Notice 2 release

We won’t learn of a release date any time soon because the film is still in the early stages of production. We will, however, reveal our release date forecasts. With a tentative production start date of early 2023, we could be looking at a November or December 2023 holiday release. However, because there is no clear production timetable, we can’t rule out a 2024 release. Production may be delayed until later in the year, delaying the release date into the following year.

We’ll have a clearer sense of when Red Notice 2 will be released on Netflix as the production progresses. So keep tuned to Netflix Life for more information and updates on Red Notice 2.

Is Red Notice 2 currently in production?

We wish that production had already begun, but this is not the case. The sequel is in the early stages of development, according to Deadline. According to reports, the streamer plans to start principal photography in early 2023. However, this commencement date is not fixed in stone. It depends on the schedules of the key actors and whether it is safe to shoot at that time.

The good news is that Johnson, Reynolds, and Gadot will all return for the sequel. Netflix simply needs to double-check everything before beginning production.