Tekashi 6ix9ine has Been Released from Jail and Ever Since He has been Trending in Media World. Check Out all the Latest Developments.

Recently, Tekashi 6ix9ine has been out of jail, and since then, he is maintaining a low profile. He is not in touch with many people, and this also includes one of his close friends. Now the big question is, will Tekashi again work with 50 cents. According to his recent interview with Big Boys Neighbourhood, he said he would not work with him again as things are changed after this.

Also, he is not going to change his mind about it in any way. The TV producer and rapper also have the same thoughts about this, although Tekashi will be back in his music career but won’t be able to continue work with the convicted rapper.


However, 50 cents think nothing much will happen to Tekashi’s career since this would only increase the popularity of Tekashi among the youth. After Shaderoom shared a clip of Fifty’s statement, Tekashi 6ix9ine posted a comment saying this is not the first time 50 abandons his sons.

Since hip-hop mogul, 50 cents referred to Tekashi as his son. This is saddening for many fans who loved them as a pair. Fifty has two biological sons. 6ix9ine mocking was based on the fact that there is a lot of drama going on between 50 cents and his eldest son. Therefore 50 abandoned his son with his ex and child’s mother.

Fifty have been very active about 6ix9ine’s case; according to him, he understands why Tekashi did what he did. He also believes in street code. Fefe was the first rapper who got into the custody. In an interview, Fif told Angie Matinez, “for all the kids they will not understand the street code.” And therefore, Tekashi will not have any problem in selling his future albums.

Fifty is not the first rapper to decide that he won’t be working with Tekashi, but he will be the first person to admit it to such a large audience.