Rebel Wilson Is Keeping Fans Updated With Her Weight Loss Journey On Social Media and she has just reached a new milestone!

It seems like Rebel Wilson is as ambitious as her reel life character Amy from the popular musical film franchise Pitch Perfect. The actress is on an inspiring weight loss journey, and fans are impressed with all the hard work the star is doing.

Rebel Wilson Is Setting Some Impressive Fitness Goals For Fans!

The Pitch Perfect star has been keeping her fans updated with this weight loss journey and uploading pictures that show her drastic change. The actress has been posting some impressive pictures that are setting some fitness goals! Take a look at some of these social media posts that are all about Rebel’s weight loss journey. We can take inspiration from the actress and how she has come all this way !

Fans are getting motivated and commenting on how good the actress looks and she sure looks different. Rebel Wilson recently went on hiking and even informed fans that she is just three kgs away from her goal weight! The actress is embracing her adventurous spirit and here’s one picture from her hiking.

The Pitch Perfect Star Has Been Updating Fans About Her Weight Loss Journey.

Rebel Wilson has been uploading pictures that show her step by step weight loss program and how dedicated she is to the whole process. The actress is lap penning down motivational lines and encouraging fans to keep going and it will be worth it.

We are quite impressed and we need to get those gym clothes on and start our own fitness journey as well! The Isn’t It Romantic Star is all set to reach her milestone number and she is just 3 kgs away from reaching her goal after all the hard work.