Rebel Wilson has now started her weight loss journey after Adele’s drastic transformation! Look for more details.

Rebel Wilson is going health conscious and tryna lose weight in the pandemic. The 40 year old is working hard for her WeightLoss Journey

The popular character of Bridesmaid revealed through an Instagram post on Monday that she is trying to make her weight around 75 Kg (165 lbs) before the end of this year.

She is also keeping her career in mind and wants to improve it before the year ends.

In one of her Instagram post she wrote a caption stating “Even if you want to slither towards your aims, prop up x it will be justified, despite all the trouble.” It stated that we should always try and give a smidgen of exertion every day… However, she was disappointed from a few days, she wanted to give up, she got irritated when she wasn’t able to see any result…but good things takes time and nothing will happen in a day.

She also stated that she’s being  straightforward with her fans. She is trying along with ‘Time of Health’ to get her weight to 75kg. And regarding the profession point of view she is also trying to create one of her motion pictures before the end of this year! Both the things will require a lot of efforts and a lot of hard work. This will take a lot of days but according to her plans she wants both of these things to happen in 2020 itself.

She said that she has shed eight pounds in the last four days and shooting her number. Wilson said that there’s a lot of genuineness. However, her hopes are exceptionally high and that she will not give up or will never chill until she has not done what she wishes.