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Reality Television Star Sutton Stracke Finally Revealed why Her Children Were Never Allowed On The Sets! Check it out.

Sometimes celebrity parents do not let their children be a part of the media limelight in order to protect their privacy away from the paparazzi, a reality television star did the same thing with her children and here’s why!

Why Sutton Stracke’s Children Were Never Allowed On The Show? Here’s Why.

Apparently, reality television star Sutton Stracke, who made quite a name for herself from the popular controversial show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was married to Christian Stracke. Her husband had a problem with letting their children be a part of the show.

Unlike Sutton who has an active social media presence and keeps on updating fans about her whereabouts, her husband is a private person and has always preferred to stay from the.limelightbas much as possible. He maintains such a discreet lifestyle that he does not have a social media account on any of the platforms.

Her Ex-Husband Wanted To Maintain A Private Life Away From The Paparazzi.

Moreover, it is also speculated that it was her husband’s constant need for privacy that Sutton was demoted from the reality show. However, they are not together and filed for divorce back in 2017 after being together for almost 17 years. The couple are not together anymore after a rather long marriage.

However, she did say that her children were never allowed for to her husband’s insistence on maintaining a private life and keeping them away from he sets of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. However,  now her children are all grown up  and have watched the show with their mother and actually liked it. Her son even thought that she was pretty savage on the sets of the show!

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