‘Real House Wife’ is not the place where Harry Hamlin want to see his Wife Lisa Rinna, but if she did his ‘divorce lawyer is on speed dial.’

Lisa Rinna’s Husband Harry Hamlin Says he has his ‘divorce lawyer on speed dial.’ It is because Lisa is planning to play a role in the reality show, ‘Real House Wife.’ In that show, most couples get divorced. So he does not want that to happen to their married life. Lisa and Harry have been married since 1997 and since then they have been a happy family even when they had their ups and downs.

The couple has three children, three of them happy. One of them is married also. Harry is sad with the news but still, he is kind of okay with it because it is for his wife’s happiness. But he is still against the idea. The reality show wants the husbands to also take part in it. But Harry who is 65 is totally against the idea and does not even want to be anywhere near it. He hopes to never let anything happen between him and his to split because of his wife joining the show.

Harry is actually tensed about the news because most people who join the show ends up divorcing their husbands. It has been going on for a long time and Harry is worried about it. He does not want to lose his wife. He loves her way too much.

Even if Harry disagrees with the news and his wife, he is really proud to have her and to be her husband. Harry says that she has achieved so much in her life for both her and him as well as for the family. He is really happy with her. Harry says that he knows Lisa is a great person who is really talented. Lisa has been doing acting in soap to shows to fashion line etc and the list goes so on. He is really ecstatic about his wife and her talents. Even though he is disappointed with her joining the show, he still loves Lisa to the moon and back, even Lisa has the same feelings towards Harry also.