Ready to kill some more goblins?? Goblin Slayer is coming back with season 2: read to know the release date, plot and latest updates.

The dark fantasy anime series Goblin Slayer was an incredible one. Composer of it is the very talented Noboru Kannatsuki. The show successfully completed its first season that streamed from October 7 to December 30, 2018. Soon after the first season ended fans became desperate about the second one.

The anime got a huge number of viewers and was even loved by them. Undoubtedly people now a days are preferring more of anime shows. And Netflix is one among the streaming service that brings to us some awesome animes.

Release date for Goblin Slayer

Animes are more in demands now a days and the rise in demand for these by the audience has given opportunities to several small jobs. People associated with these are getting appreciated for their talent and hard work. The best thing about this show is that people from all age sections enjoy watching it. However, there isn’t any official release date for the show till now.

In Goblin Slayer 2 we can expect to witness the dark world full of fantasy. It will even have some adventure. For instance, a set of hunters will slay the Goblins to get the gold and glory.

At one occasion, they will be united by fate using an inexperienced  priestess. However, the covenant that involves the goblins will become fallacious. Consequently they will kill the group. But the priestess will be saved by the Goblin Slayer.

Undoubtedly the battle has only begun. We have a lot of exciting battles and struggles to watch in the coming episodes. In the upcoming season we’ll get to see entry of a big villian in the show. He will be the enemy known as”Dark Elf”. He will also be a part of the cult.