Ready for a roller coaster ride? Busch Gardens is the place for you.

Virginia, a southeastern U.S. state, is always full of life. This European theme based amusement park has been the state’s center of attraction.

All you need to know before paying a visit

Busch Gardens Williamsburg, a 383-acre theme park, provides access for the people all over the world with the joy of its rides. If one cannot make it to European countries like Italy, France, Germany, Ireland, England, and Scotland, the person can easily make it to this humongous amusement park.

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At Busch Garden Williamsburg, visitors catch the experience of the trains run in Germany, baked potato of the Irish, the cannoli of Italy’s Marco Polo’s Marketplace and much more at a single place. There are a number of shows that are showcased all over the day and OktoberZest is the one that promises to entertain with music and dancing celebrating the German culture and is quite appealing. Once the novelty of European themed park has worn off one can take the rides. The park is home to rides like Griffon, which drops passengers 205 feet at 75 miles per hour, and Apollo’s Chariot, which is consistently given top marks by Golden Ticket Awards.

There are a number of things that one needs to know before visiting Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

Busch Gardens in Virginia is a seasonal park as it closes in early January and reopens in mid-March every year. The park is almost jampacked over summer holiday weekends that include Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day. You will also have to be careful while booking your tickets on the eve of Christmas, Halloween as well as Thanksgiving.

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A few details about the joy rides

To experience the adventures of the theme park, one can take roller coaster rides. Apollo’s Chariot, Verbolten, Griffon, Alpengeist, and the Loch Ness Monster are the ones that will fling you 80 feet into the air. Recently, a new ride called Finnegan’s Flyer has been added.

And, starting in 2020, Busch Gardens Williamsburg visitors can experience the fastest multi-launch roller coaster in the world. The Pantheon will have four launches, two inversions, a 95-degree drop, and will move at speeds up to 73 m.p.h.