Ray Fisher is Overwhelmed with Emotions as Zack Snyder’s Justice League is Premiering on HBO Max

Justice League got released almost two years back. But some part of the movie never appeared in the movie. The director Zack Snyder did a lot of work in the movie which was not shown. One of the main stories was about Cyborg. But now the whole movie is going to release finally according to HBO and Warner Bros.


Ray Fisher who is actor of Cyborg got overwhelmed with emotions talking about Zack Snyder’s Justice League releasing on HBO Max

It is confirmed by Snyder himself that Justice League will come out after a long wait of 2.5 years on television after release. The movie will come out next year as this is confirmed by Snyder himself. This announcement came after weeks of speculations even though Warner Bros were quiet about it for a long time.

Credit: Instagram


The news was confirmed when it was second year anniversary of Justice League. Studios confirmed release of the movie and was keeping an eye on big actors who were part of Justice league like Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck. The whole controversy leaded to a “Snyder cut movement” on twitter. In a clip release via Rakib M Ray Fisher shared how overwhelmed he is for this movie to release. Ray also expressed how excited he is to see the support of his fans to see the complete story of Cyborg. He also thanked the directors and the studios of the movie.


According to reports, when this news about Snyder’s Justice League was confirmed Ray was the first actor who was told about this information. Since Cybrog’s role was affected the in the movie due to all the edition and cuts made in the movie. We can totally see how excited Ray is for this movie to release. Moreover, his character will finally get to be shown completely. This movie will also include some movements of Cyborg with his family. He will also be an integral part of the movie.