Rapper YG gets twitter roasted for kicking a fan off stage after he refused to say “F*** Trump” on the stage

At San Antonio Mala Luna Music Festival on Sunday Go Loko, rapper slammed down his fan when he refused to say F*** Trump on stage.

YG always made sure that his anti-Trump notion known by everyone. That is why a few years back on stage he beat out Trump Pinata live. Not only this but YG also released a song with Nipsey Hussle in 2016 named ‘FDT’, which is YG’s favorite phase for Donald Trump, and which also last night he made his fan to say. But got denied by his fan.

Rapper YG on Sunday during his show called out his fan from the crowd and insist him to say what he always says about Mr. Presdient but the man refused to say anything like that, in the response of which YG said, “No, you won’t? He a Donald Trump supporter. Get his a** out of here.” After which the security guards kicked him out of the stage.

It seems the rapper was not at all happy with Trump supporters to attend his concert. After YG’s this move the White House slams him saying “Another example of the tolerant left.”

Not only the White House but tweeters were also not very fond of his move and roasted him online. Some said the kid shouldn’t be in YG’s concert, while others wrote he just simply dumb and trying to make controversy. It is quite evident that people are unhappy about shaming his fan on stage. Some of them wrote: