Rapper Cardi B Posted A Cringe Instagram Story Of Getting Her Lips Waxed And Vagina Bleached!

Rapper Cardi B has made some wacky Instagram videos and fans are not really surprises as our very own Bodak Yellow hitmaker is known for her hilarious videos that she makes time and again.

Cardi B Posted An Instagram Story Of Getting Her Lips Getting Waxed and Vagina Bleaching! Have a Look.


Recently, the rapper made a video where she is getting lip waxed, and even her vagina bleached and fans are finding the whole video a bit too cringe! Take a look at the video that the rapper has posted on Instagram.


She talked in length about how sometimes having does not help and so she had her beautician Fatima, of travel spa AFL Beauty Bar, come all the way down at her home in Atlanta. The video showed the classic Cardi B rants about how she likes to do a bit of racing and bleaching from time to time!


The Rapper Also Went On To Do Some Turkey Drum Shopping As Well.

In the video the I Like It hitmaker seems to be screaming and cringing a bit due to all the pain from the waxing. Fans also got to see some of her chest piercings. The rapper also went on to have a vegetable-rich turkey dinner as well.


While the rapper took time off and went for some turkey drums shopping like Cardi B usually does, she did comment on the huge size of the turkey drums saying it was some medieval ass turkey! The rapper has been updating fans about all the beauty treatment she has been getting even in this quarantine lockdown. She also showed a creative new black tattoo which actually took several months to complete.