Raising Dion: The Superhero Series Announces a Grand Return with Season 2 with an Interesting Trailer!

Raising Dion – A Growing Superhero!

Raising Dion is an American superhero series that was top#10 and top#1 in kids in 2019 when it first hit Netflix. The superhero series is for kids and adults alike. The show as the name implies is all about raising little superhero Dion.

Dion’s mother Nicole(Wainwright – Shadow hunter’s fame) is struggling to raise her son after his husband Mark’s (Michael B Jordan) demise. She took help from her husband’s best pal Pat to deal with her son’s ‘superpower’ situation.

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The Creator Dennis Liu initially created a comic and a Short film. The truth behind it is he knew that Hollywood superheroes oriented are color-based and lack of diversity is also present, so to check the hype and to increase the interest he didn’t want to release live-action at first.

When the “superheroes and superpowers” genre is dominated by DC and MARVEL and also by shows like ‘Umbrella Academy’, ‘Boys’etc., it’s a fresh approach to fans and a Nine-Episodes full of 8-year-old boy’s cuteness!

What’s in the store for us in Raising Dion: Season 2?

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Clearly, The First season left us with many questions and doubts. The second season will pick up two years after the defeat of Crooked man by Dion and our little big hero will be honing his powers along with his mom and Tevin (Rome Flynn).After befriending a kid with powers a series of unfortunate and dangerous events including twists, turns, and surprises. Dion along with Nicole’s support strives to save Atlanta.

Electrifying season 2 trailer

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Raising Dion Season 2 Trailer has been released on Jan 18 and it didn’t disappoint. The second season will knock Netflix on Feb 1, 2022. There’s plenty of room to grow and learn for our little Dion and we hope all our unanswered questions will have justice!

Here’s a sneak-peek of the Season 2 Trailer!