Raising Dion Season 2 Premiered Today; the Sci-Fi drama lives upto the expectations

Review of Raising Dion season 2 premiere

American Sci-fi drama Raising Dion has premiered its second season today. Raising Dion season 1 sired on Netflix on 4th October 2019. It had a very positive audience and critical response. It has 7.2/10 on IMDB. It had everything a superhero movie fan can ask for.

A Special Boy

Raising Dion
Dion & Nicole Reese, Daily Topper

It’s a story about a kid named Dion (played by Ja’Siah Young). He lives with his mother Nicole Reese (played by Alisha Wainwright). Nicole is a widowed single mother. But later she discovers that Dion possesses special powers. Now she does everything to keep her son’s powers a secret and raise him safely.

Facing The Menace

Raising Dion
L-R: Suzanne Wu, Tevin Wakefield, Dion, Nicole Reese, Jonathan King, Readysteadycut

Raising Dion second season follows the story after the finale of season 1. Beginning for this season is ambitious and shows the story after the end of season one. Crooked man will return in this season. But, like the season 1, this season’s plot is also simple and little bit clumsy.

Knowing More

Rasing Dion
Raising Dion, Cafe Madrid

The direction of season 2 is also very simple as its a family superhero show. People who like intense superhero shows or movies might not enjoy this one. In this season we see getting more knowledge about his powers as new and more dangerous threat appear.

And just like season 1 Dion’s mother Nicole handles her own problems. But this time the villain is more dangerous and menacing. So far the story is almost same as the previous season. Even if the villain is more dangerous, the threat doesn’t feel always there at all. But, nevertheless, the fans may still love this season because there are still more episodes to come.