Rachel McAdams Talks About Her Quarantine Experience With Her Toddler Son, Calls Him A Welcome Distraction! Check for more details.


Babies are pretty adorable but sometimes they can be a bit of a distraction no matter how adorable they are. Recently, a celeb who is quarantining with her adorable baby boy shares the experience with fans.

Rachel McAdams Shares Her Experience While She Is In Quarantine With A Toddler!

Actress Rachel McAdams has called her two-year-old son a welcome distraction amid the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic going on around the globe. She shared her experience of living with her toddler while she made an appearance on Canada’s Heroes of Health: Covid-19 Stream-a-Thon, during which she donated $10,000 to support local healthcare workers.


She says that her son is keeping her active during this time and this he is somewhat of a welcome distraction. The actress further added that she is doing some.planting to spend the time like okra while her son does most of the snacking part! Have a look at the whole interview where the actress talks about a lot of interesting things.


The Actress Says That Her Son Is Keeping Her Entertained During This Time.

While McAdams had the baby back in 2018, she has kept most of the details much to herself. She further said that she wants to to keep her son’s life private even though she isn’t. She also said she hopes that 2004 hit movie Mean girl helped girls to be nice to each other and definitely not the other way around!


The actress has joined hand with other celebs who also are doing their part in this fight against the Coronavirus.  These celebs including Ryan Reynolds,  Shawn Mendes and others are donating a large amount to help the people in need during this difficult times that the whole world is going through.