R Kelly’s girlfriend Joycelyn Savage is back on Insta after 2 years!! Well, looks like someone is impersonating??

Joycelyn Savage was one of the two women who defended the singer R. Kelly earlier this year, recently went social to share her story but looks like things were different then it seems. As per the Instagram story, she claims he is “abusive” and “controlling.”

But the recent reports suggest that Savage has claimed that an impostor was behind an Instagram account and not her. Savage, in a video obtained by TMZ, also denied all the claims made on the Patreon page that she considered herself as a “victim.”

Savage came up with the prepared statement and said that it was not her Instagram, and someone is impersonating her. It’s really sad for her that someone would pretend to be her and say that she was the victim and was brainwashed, and was a sex slave and have Stockholm Syndrome.

Patreon removed the account made by someone claiming to be Savage. There were a series of posts where the person claiming to be Savage alleged that Kelly abused her and was the “victim.” The Patreon account was promoted by some unverified Instagram account that was run by Savage (impersonator) but had been dormant for over two years.


Joycelyn Savage, the long term girlfriend of singer R. Kelly, and also one of the two women supported the singer earlier this year in an interview with Gayle King.

Based on the Instagram account,  she was “reveal somethings,” she should have “talked about a long time ago.” Joycelyn impersonator posted a text image with the caption “I’m sorry” and said, “This is my story.”

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I’m sorry.

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In a second post, Joycelyn impersonator announced that she has partnered up with “Patreon” and is going to post “daily chapters” of her story on the platform. Further, it was written that she is going to reveal things that are not supposed to be disclosed and that she is “risking her life for many others.”

In the chapter, Joycelyn impersonator has mentioned how R. Kelly kept her locked in like an animal and treated her inhumanely. Impersonator further added how he demanded to be called by certain nicknames and turned violent enough to choke her till she blacked out if she did not address him with the said nickname.