R. Kelly who is convicted to “solitary confinement” is having a cellmate? Check out to know more!

American singer and songwriter R. Kelly is not in solitary confinement and has a cellmate for some time now. This is happening, despite the orders refused R. Kelly to have a cellmate, said the federal prosecutors on Friday.

R. Kelly who is convicted to "solitary confinement" is having a cellmate? Check out to know more! 1
Source: Chicago Sun-Times

Not only this, but Kelly is also alleged for showing poor attitude and behavior as he went against the order of not having a cellmate. He was told to not to have a “cellie” and he complained, “I have too much going (on) to worry about,” said an incident report.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Angel Krull had filed a 10-page report on the same on Friday. “(Kelly) appears to want special treatment because of his celebrity status,” Krull wrote.

To his defense, Kelly’s lawyer, Steve Greenberg had filed a complaint on Thursday which said that Kelly has been kept in solitary confinement since July 11. He also said that there had been no meaningful interaction with humans. He can’t even go outside and watch television.

R. Kelly who is convicted to "solitary confinement" is having a cellmate? Check out to know more! 2
Source: Spin

Greenberg had asked U.S. District judge, Harry Leinenweber to order the Federal Bureau of Prison to not keep Kelly in solitary confinement. Along with this, he asked the judge to reconsider the decision of keeping Kelly in Chicago’s Metropolitan Correctional Centre. Krull had objected to both of these demand coming from Greenberg’s end.

“Suffice it to say that (Kelly) is not in solitary confinement,” Krull wrote. She had also written that Kelly has not only one cellmate but more than that. Greenberg argued that being in solitary doesn’t mean you are in a dark hole and treated like prisoners of war. It means that you are locked up 24 hours having no television and interaction.

Combining Chicago and Brooklyn case, Kelly faces 18 counts in federal indictments. He can face imprisonment for up to 195 years only for the Chicago case. The crime revolves around child pornography and indulging a minor into sexual activity.