Quentin Tarantino May Direct Episode of ‘Justified: City Primeval’, FX Limited Series

Quentin Tarantino May Take Up The Direction of Justified: City Primeval

Academy Award winner Quentin Tarantino rumoured to direct one or two episodes of FX limited series, Justified: City Primeval. However, no confirmation came from the production team or Tarantino himself. Still, we speculate the filmmaker returned for the direction once again.

When the FX series was renewed in January and the return of Timothy Olyphant confirmed on the show as U.S. Marshal Ryan Givens in Justified, fans rejoiced the news. Now, after the show got the green light, Tarantino is also in the news for directing only one or two episodes.

Quentin Tarantino

Tarantino’s last work saw in Once Up Upon a Time in Hollywood with Olyphant and Elmore Leonard’s Rum Punch, along with several other projects. So this project doesn’t come as much surprise.

The 58-year-old filmmaker said that he is quitting his career with his next feature film but he can definitely work on the small screen. The FX series is a limited series.

Justified: City Primeval
Justified: City Primeval

About the series 

Justified: The City Primeval follows a story inspired by Leonard High Noon in Detroit. In the new series, we see Ryan living in Miami after leaving Kentucky nearly eight years ago and trying to balance his life. Now a 14-year-old father, he is trying to manage his job as a marshal and father figure. He was met in Florida by a situation that sent him to Detroit. Where he met the series’ antagonist Clement Mansell. Little did Ryan know that he was a sociopath. Another character joins the series, Mansell’s lawyer Carolyn Wilder who tries to save Mansell by any means necessary. But soon she finds herself running away from this disastrous situation and being chased by the cop.

The story revolves around these three characters and how they cross each other’s paths in City Primeval and save themselves and come out alive from it.