Queen Charlotte: With the Bridgerton Spin-off Nearing for Release, Here’s Everything to Know about the New Netflix Period Drama!

Everything to Know about queen Charlotte 

The filming of Bridgerton spin-off, Queen Charlotte, will start in January 2022 and go on till the summer. It will a limited series for the main Bridgerton series which was very popular on Netflix. According to the statistics, Bridgerton series is the most watched Netflix Original show. So, there is no doubt that the spinoff will be as great as the main series. This limited series will show us how Queen Charlotte became the iconic character in the main series.

A Queen’s Story

Queen Charlotte | Bridgerton
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Fans of Bridgerton have binged over this series in the year 2020. It has already been announced that the show will be renewed for next seasons. But later Netflix and Shonda Rhimes made the fans more excited by announcing a spinoff about the young queen Charlotte story. So all the fans are really anticipated about the spinoff.

This limited series will be about the origin story of queen Charlotte. The story of Bridgeton siblings’ mother Lady Violet Bridgerton, and Lady Danbury will also be portrayed. Shonda Rhimes has already showed her interest towards the characters through a tweet:


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In the main series, Queen Charlotte’s character was portrayed by Golda Rosheuvel. But in this spinoff series, young Charlotte will be the focus of the story. Her young age, her love life and how she grew up to be a queen. We already know that Lady Violet and Lady Danbury’s life will also be shown. Along with Shonda, many fans are also eager to know about the life of these queens. This series will not only show the lives of the queens, but also show every details about the Regency era.

What comes next is a surprise

Queen Charlotte
Netflix | Shonda Rhimes

The cast has not yet been revealed. But judging by the cast of the main series, we are certain that the new cast will perfectly portray every role and this limited series will also become the most watched Netflix Show. The release date has not been announced yet, but it might get announced soon enough.