Proposing your love? 13 Reasons Why She Will say “YES”!!!

Proposing love is a scaring thing. Because the result always varies. Below mentioned are 13 ways you can propose to a girl and we wish you very good luck.

Propose your love on the very spot you first met her/him or the place where you had your first date.

The first you met them means everything. Remember? First impressions are everything nowadays. The first time you both met would be an unforgettable memory, isn’t it? If your love is very fond of the location, you might propose her there.

Propose your love in a restaurant your love is fond of.

Your love is a foodie and prefers a restaurant over the others. Make sure your love is starving before you take him/her there. Put all the sufficient clues spread over the table.

Propose your love on the plane.

Take your love on a long-awaited vacation. This will get them pumped. Make sure you ask the hostess their help in making this happen. Usually, they would support you and who knows may even give a better idea on how to work things out!

Propose your love on Valentine’s Day.

Your love might be ready for any surprises you might throw at them on this special day. Do you think they got ready for this big surprise? Time to find out!

Propose your love in a candle dinner.

An old way, yes. Classic too. If your loves is a person who loves the class and prefers things a little simple, this is the best choice.

Propose your love at home.

The best place in the world is home, where you all your problems are at bay and when your love is care-free.

Propose your love in a cafe, using a coffee cup.

Yes. It is an old method. But it made a list because it is getting quite popular these days. Your love loves coffee and can’t start the day without it? You know your way.

Propose your love on the street with the help of your friends.

Probably try doing this on their workday. It would boost their boring life and the probability of them saying yes is a bit high due to the fatigue of going to work. Don’t you think?

Propose your love on a beach.

Who doesn’t love the beach? The sand, the breeze, it is a different feeling.

Propose your love at their birthday party.

Birthday? Try giving a surprise. Probably stuff yourself in a big gift box. Or you may even gift them a ring.

Propose your love in a theater probably after watching a romantic movie.

Romantic movies always make us feel fuzzy and a little joyous. When your partner has just watched the movie, it is a good time to make your and their life a bit cinematic.

Propose your love on New Year Day.

New Year? New resolutions. But many people think it is another new chance to prove ourselves in life. If your love thinks starting a New Year is like starting a new life, then better propose the second its 12’O clock.

Propose your love by playing a treasure hunt around your house.

Who exactly doesn’t like finding treasures? Try making clues sound romantic and fun. Or else your love would probably think that it is a prank. Make sure your love is pumped to find the treasure.