Prince Harry’s Shocking Decision: Why He’s Avoiding The Crown’s Final Episodes After Diana’s Tragic Death

Prince Harry’s Plan to Avoid The Crown 6 Finale Episodes Post Princess Diana’s Death

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, has recently made headlines with his decision to avoid watching the final episodes of the sixth season of Netflix’s hit series, The Crown. The highly anticipated finale episodes focus on the tragic death of Princess Diana, Harry’s mother, and delve into the events surrounding the fateful car accident in Paris in 1997.

1. Why Prince Harry is Taking this Step?

Prince Harry’s decision to steer clear of The Crown’s season 6 finale is deeply personal and rooted in his desire to protect his mental well-being. Being confronted with the depiction of his mother’s death and reliving the emotional pain associated with that tragic event can be overwhelming for anyone, even a member of the royal family.

2. A Journey to Healing

Prince Harry has been on a public journey of healing and self-discovery in recent years. Open about his struggles with mental health and grief, he has actively sought ways to prioritize his well-being and set boundaries for himself. Avoiding the portrayal of his mother’s death on screen is a part of that ongoing process.

2.1 Prioritizing Emotional Well-being

Prince Harry’s decision reflects the importance he places on safeguarding his emotional well-being. By consciously choosing to avoid content that could trigger painful memories and emotions, he is actively taking steps to protect his mental health.

2.1.1 Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries is crucial when dealing with personal trauma. Prince Harry’s choice to create distance from The Crown’s portrayal of his mother’s death is an example of healthy boundary-setting in order to maintain emotional stability.

3. A Respectful Distance

Prince Harry’s intention to maintain a respectful distance from The Crown’s final episodes is not a critique of the series or its portrayal of historical events. Instead, it is a personal decision meant to preserve his own feelings and memories of his mother.

4. Focus on His Mother’s Legacy

Prince Harry’s primary focus is on celebrating and honoring his mother’s legacy, rather than dwelling on the tragic aspects of her life and death. Through his charitable work and advocacy, he strives to continue Diana’s mission of kindness, compassion, and making a positive impact in the world.

4.1 Continuing Diana’s Philanthropic Efforts

Prince Harry carries on his mother’s philanthropic efforts through various initiatives and organizations he supports. By focusing on positive actions and the difference he can make in the world, he honors Diana’s memory in a way that aligns with his own values and personal growth.

4.1.1 The Blue Hearts Project

One prominent initiative Prince Harry is involved in is The Blue Hearts Project, a campaign aimed at raising awareness about and combating domestic violence. Through this project, he continues his mother’s advocacy for vulnerable individuals and supports survivors of abuse.

5. Supporting Mental Health

In addition to his philanthropic work, Prince Harry is a vocal advocate for mental health awareness and support. By prioritizing his own mental well-being, he sets an example and encourages others to seek help and prioritize their mental health journeys.

5.1 Heads Together Campaign

Prince Harry, alongside his brother Prince William and sister-in-law Duchess Kate, launched the Heads Together campaign. This initiative aims to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and provides resources for individuals seeking support.

5.1.1 The Importance of Self-Care

Prince Harry’s decision to avoid watching sensitive content such as The Crown’s season 6 finale reminds us of the importance of self-care and recognizing our own limits. It’s a reminder to prioritize our mental well-being and take steps to protect ourselves when necessary.


Prince Harry’s choice to avoid watching the final episodes of The Crown’s sixth season is a personal decision rooted in his commitment to protecting his mental well-being and focusing on honoring his mother’s legacy. By setting boundaries and prioritizing self-care, he serves as an inspiration to others, reminding us of the significance of our own emotional needs.


1. Will Prince Harry ever watch The Crown’s sixth season?

There is no definitive answer to this question. It ultimately depends on Prince Harry’s personal journey and when or if he feels ready to engage with the sensitive content.

2. How does Prince Harry’s decision align with his relationship with Netflix?

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, entered into a multi-million-dollar deal with Netflix to produce content that focuses on creating positive change. His decision to avoid watching The Crown does not affect his relationship with the streaming platform.

3. What impact does Prince Harry’s choice have on mental health conversations?

Prince Harry’s openness about his own mental health challenges and his decision to prioritize self-care contribute to the ongoing conversation surrounding mental health. It reinforces the idea that individuals should prioritize their well-being and set boundaries when necessary.

4. How can others support Prince Harry’s decision?

Respecting Prince Harry’s choice and understanding the importance of prioritizing mental health in general are ways to show support. Promoting open conversations about mental health and advocating for resources and support is also vital.

5. What other shows or movies focus on Princess Diana’s life and legacy?

There are various documentaries and films that highlight Princess Diana’s life and the impact she made during her time. These include “Diana: In Her Own Words” and “Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy.”