Powerpuff Girls: With Production in Full Swing for the Live-action Movie, Primary Casting is almost Finalized

The CW has found its three female leads for the live-action series Powerpuff Girls, with Yana Perrault, Dove Cameron, and Chloe Bennet are going to be cast for it.

The development of the live-action series was first announced in August. It is purely based on Craig McCracken’s Cartoon Network series, although the new series will have the tiny superheroes transformed into twenty-something adults and have ultimately crossed their childhood winning the fight against the evils and criminals. Perrault is to be cast as Buttercup, Cameron is to be cast as Bubbles, and Bennet is to be cast as Blossom.

The episode will open many new adventures

The pilot episode will be reuniting Blossom and Bubbles, the only change being that this time they are each other ladies instead of being the enemy. Both the characters have appeared in the previous series, of ABC-Marvel, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, in which fans got to see bubble and blossom fighting among themselves.

The  Little-Miss-Perfect prodigy, the blossom has always been conscientious and spunky, while holding several prominent degrees but has had her low and had been repressed with her kiddie-superhero trauma which had stated her issues with anxiety and feeling reclusive, but according to her this the time where she ready to become a leader again but on her own terms.

Powerpuff girls

Bubbles, who has been winning America’s heart since her childhood with her sweet-girl disposition, still doesn’t fail to be charming and has also started to sparkle like an adult, even after being this charming on the outside hs is tougher than many of her age from the inside. In the initial phase of being a superhero, her main concern surrounded gathering fame but now she might end up surprising everyone.

The third one  Buttercup has been the rebellious badass Powerpuff Girls but is more sensitive than she seems on the outside, she has been living her life, mostly adulthood, anonymously hiding her ‘Powerpuff Girl’ identity.