Popular TikTok Couple, Kio Cyr & Olivia Ponton Left Fans Confused with their Relationship Status. However, Fans Managed to Deduce their Love Story. Read Further to Know More.

How many of us use the video streaming app TikTok? Mostly half the population of the world does, isn’t it? Several couples are spotted on that app shooting and uploading videos of either dancing together or enacting a scene.

The app is dominated by couples who post videos of themselves cuddling and doing various things together that give the viewers a better insight into their lives for their fans. One such example is of Kio Cyr and Olivia Ponton, who are the two most talked of couples on TikTok.

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We took these on a reserved lounge chair… that we didn’t reserve 🤭😤

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The two kept denying being together, however, hold on, the duo’s videos say the right opposite and that’s how they’ve confirmed as well over repeatedly asking.

The two have posted pictures of working out at 8 AM, Kio admired Olivia’s dance moves through a video where Olivia was dancing, some days back, in March, the two had posted a video where Olivia was hugging Kio and expressing how much she missed him through the video.

Fans started doubting their relationship when Olivia posted a video in which she openly talked about how jealous she felt when Kio would be swarmed by girls.

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“comfortable” by Lauv hits different

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The duo would share pictures of them cuddling together at the beach and lots more.

The news about them that was initially floating, got heat with Olivia positing an Instagram image where Kio was holding her and the caption said, “you’re not friends if he sees you like this”.

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because friends don’t look at friends that way.

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The picture was revealing how much they cared for each other and the news of them being more than friends got confirmed with the caption.

Even after that, when the couple was asked if they were dating, the two would always smile and stay in silence, with no answers, which in turn proves that there is surely something going on between the two.