Popular Kid- Favourite Animated Series Buddi Season 2 Might Be Arriving Sooner Than Expected!

Netflix is not leaving any stone unturned to entertain its loyal subscribers, the streaming platform is all bringing home some great back to back projects including some kid-friendly animated shows as well.

Kids Animated Series Buddi Is All Set To Arrive On Netflix This September!

The streaming giant recently released the official trailer of the popular kids animated series Buddi season 2. The second season is all set to entertain kids on 11th September. The show is known to encourage kids’ creativity due to the extremely colorful content of the show. We have the Buddi friends right here in this cute little teaser. Have a look at all the jumping around in this teaser.


Moreover, as fans can see in the official trailer that arrived just a few days ago. In the trailer, the friends are back with their colorful world of joy, laughter, and much more. The show is particularly designed to increase the creativity and imagination of the preschoolers.

The Official Trailer For Buddi Season 2 Is Already Out Now! Take a look At The Adorable Little Video.

As the show is all about friends and their individualistic traits that make them all the more unique in this Keith Chapman creation. The show is pretty popular amongst all the kids and they sure do love to hum the songs along with the bubbly characters on the story.


The streaming service is looking into the kid friendly coherent that is a huge hit amongst subscribers. These content keep children all dance and sing along with the colourful characters and keeps them busy as well. The first season of Buddi is currently streaming on Netflix . Let all the colours flow at once!