Popular Illusionist Roy Uwe Horn of Siegfried and Roy has Passed Away After Battling With COVID Complications.

Coronavirus still.going on to claim thousands of innocent lives and the rate of people dying due to the virus is just increasing at an alarming rate! Sadly enough it has led to the death of yet another person as well. Let us have a look into the details.

Roy Uwe Horn Has Passed Away Due To Complications Due To Coronavirus

Unfortunately, this celebrity has also fallen victim and ultimately succumb to the deadly disease, he is none other than illusionist Roy Uwe Ludwig Horn who passed away in Las Vegas on Friday from complications related to COVID-19.

Reputed news outlet CBS News confirmed in a statement from his press team. Horn, who was 75 was best remembered for his part in the magic duo Siegfried and Roy, which became known around the globe for incorporating a unique stunt of endangered animals into their on-stage illusions.

The celeb was struggling with the struggling right from April and was admitted in the hospital but could not go through the treatment and soon passed away after bravely battling against COVID.

His Partner In Magic Siegfried Fischbacher Mourned The Icon’s Death.

Siegfried Fischbacher has mourned his partner in the mag is saying that while the whole world lost a gem, he lost a best friend! He went on to say that when they first met each other it was pretty much easy to predict that they would change the world together! They surely did!

It sure is a great loss and we lost a great gem of a person who sure knew his way around the world of magic.May his soul rests in eternal peace and the world will remember him through his works even after his tragic demise.