Police drags away Russian actress Lydia Velezheva from the Flight as she Misbehaves with her Fellow Passengers, Calling them ‘plebs’

A Russian actress and a TV presenter Lidiya Velezheva were dragged off the plane by cops as she calls fellow passengers ‘Plebs’.

What happened to Lydia during her journey?

Lidiya Velezheva was flying from Moscow to Tel Aviv, Israel in business class to perform in a play. But as soon as the flight got delayed due to technical issues, suddenly she started doing loud public outbursts, complaining about held on an airport bus stand for 20 minutes without a coat.

The local news reporters reported that Lydia misbehaved with her fellow-passengers. She said to another fellow traveler that she’s an actress and they are plebs, adding “I have bought mine ticket for 204,000 roubles in cash”.

Her misbehavior started crossing all the limits, and the plane was forced to return to Moscow terminal, where police dragged off Lydia from the flight. The crew and other members from the flight exposed that, she was just not ready to corporate with anything.

What did the other passengers claim?

The other passengers claimed that Lydia was drunk on the flight. While her husband, Alex Guskov who said that his wife was ‘sobbing’ after missing the plane as it disrupted her journey to her play. And she had taken a sleeping pill only.