Pokemon season 2: Check out what future this series holds for the fans. Here is everything you need to know.

Pokemon is a series that has been functional for a long time. With decades having passed, the series has never lost its charm yet. With many seasons down, the series hasn’t disappointed one from itself. The new seasons have the same charm as the previous ones have been and set the legacy.


The series has been streamed and watched by all, from the world over. Every age group people like watching series that match their interests for whatever reason it be. Several reasons, such as the storyline, animation, sound play, etc have been the cause for their likes. Those who regularly watch the series know the attraction it has and the reasons for which it is liked by people from several age groups. 

What is the series bringing new?


The second season of the series will be launching in September. Those who were disappointed due to the pandemic causing a delay to the release of the new season have nothing else to worry about as the month has been finalized for the release. Several characters that match the interest of the fans have been a part of the series and will continue in the second season as well. 

Where can we watch the new season?

The new season, season 2 will be available for watch on the giant broadcasting platform, Netflix. The platform will make the series available for streaming and watching. Viewers who like the series can take a moment to be relieved about the new season which will bring a new story and a continuation from where the first season had stopped.


Get ready to stream the series and watch the upcoming episodes. The hype is real among the fans who were awaiting the season.