Pirates of Caribbean 6: New adventure of Jack Sparrow and the leaked details inside

The unprecedented love received by the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise prompted the producers to create more movies. Producer, Jerry Bruckheimer is going to release the sixth movie of this adventurous franchise under the production company of Walt Disney.

All movies of Pirates of the Caribbean got a huge response from the audience as well as the Box office. It was able to collect $4.5 billion all over the world and became the first to achieve this feat.

Release Date of Pirates of the Caribbean:

It is ready to launch in the Year 2021. According to sources a new writer Jeff Nathan’s and Terry Rossio is creating the story and it is going to release in the cinemas in the mid of 2021.


Jack Sparrow’s role will be played by Johnny Depp, who is the heart and soul of this movie. Orlando Bloom will appear as William Turner. Keira Knightly will be presented as Elizabeth Swam. Brenton Thwaites will replay the son of the married couple William Turner and Elizabeth Turner. Kevin McNally will be seen as Joshanee Gibbs. It is rumored that a new female cast will play a major role in this film.

Plot of the Sixth movie of the Franchise

The sixth movie of Pirates of the Caribbean will be the extension of the last film titled “Dead Man tell no tales”. The fifth movie ended with Jack was being accepted as  Captain for one more time by the members of the ship. The upcoming film starts with a nightmare seen by Will that Davy Jones entered their room to kill them. When Will awakens he finds no one in the room.

Will his nightmare would turn into reality? Will Davy Jones return from the dead now that all the curses are broken? All the answers can be found when the sixth movie hits the floor.