Pink Releases ‘All I Know So Far’ Music Video Featuring Her Husband, Kids, Cher and Judith Light

Pink is back with a fresh out-of-the-plastic new tune and rad music video!

The 41-year-old artist delivered her most recent single, “All I Know So Far,” on Friday, alongside its going with a music video, which includes her significant other, Carey Hart, their two children, 9-year-old little girl Willow and 4-year-old child Jameson, Cher and Judith Light.

Pink Releases 'All I Know So Far' Music Video Featuring Her Husband, Kids, Cher and Judith Light

Coordinated by GRAMMY-winning chief Dave Meyers, the video starts with Pink inquiring as to whether she needs to hear a story before bed. “Ugh, Mom, I would prefer not to hear a fantasy,” Willow says. “I’m not five years of age any longer.”

“Gracious let’s go. Perhaps I have an alternate story you’ll like,” Pink reacts. “Some time ago there was a young lady who was nine. She got a kick out of the chance to be distant from everyone else, though she was totally developed. Think you got demeanor and backtalk? Doesn’t measure up to this bada**. She was powered by her outrage, and outrage was her fuel. She abhorred her family and everybody at school.

“Here and there she’d go off the deep end, psycho, unhinged. Generally when her mother went off on a gorge. She had no bearing, she was generally so focused. All she knew is that she would not like to resemble the rest,” she proceeds. “This is my story, it’s mine to tell, about how I figured out how to break out of my cell. There’s only one way you can really carry on with total freedom, it lies in the force of when ‘I’ becomes ‘me.'”


The video at that point advances into a scene with Pink, shaking her old-fashioned dazzling pink locks, tumbling from the sky, and stomach-first onto a prickly plant. “I haven’t generally been like this, I wasn’t conceived a rebel,” she sings. “Felt alone, still feel apprehensive. I stagger through it in any case.”

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