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Pink Phantom: Popular Band Gorillaz Has A Big Surprise For Music Lovers! P.S: It Is About Elton John!

It seems like popular music band Gorillaz has a big surprise for music lovers and let’s just say it is just another big surprise as this band never fails to disappoint fans!

Popular Band Gorillaz Has Recently Collaborated With Iconic Figure Elton John!

Apparently, Gorillaz has a new addition to their list of all-star collaborators by enlisting none other than the iconic musical figure, Elton John for their new single The Pink Phantom. This latest track off the cartoon outfit’s is for their upcoming album Song Machine: Season One. The song also represents the Atlanta rapper 6lack a well. Here’s a little sneak peek into the video and let’s just say it is pretty interesting.

Moreover, the music video features Damon Albarn’s cartoon band alongside 6lack and an animated, signature Gorillaz version of Elton that looks pretty interesting enough and sure is eye-catching.

Elton John Opens Up About The Band And This Newest Collaboration With Them!

Moreover, Elton John also takes about this collaboration and how all these came up during the while pandemic terror. He also further said that he completely admired the and Damon Albarn’s work and how he encompasses so many different sorts of music and he is glad how the whole thing turns out which is great! Here’s the first look poster of the video.

The whole team and cartoon frontman thanked Elton John for his time and genius. They also mentioned about the super delicious Danish pastries that he brought for the team! So, don’t forget to check out the latest release with so many talented artists teaming up for one music video. It sure is interesting and quirky enough and is already creating a buzz amongst music fanatics. 

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