Pharrell Williams is a man who changes with time!! Are his old songs un-acceptable in today’s world??

While still adjusting to the times, Pharrell Williams takes a step back to discuss one of his biggest pop hits.

The fashion mogul and the producer-artist have taken some time to give an interview with the GQ for its New Masculinity issue. Pharrell Williams talked about his 2013 hit single “Blurred Lines,” a song that he recorded with T.I. Back and Robin Thicke. But there was a lot of controversy around the lyrics of the song that clearly degraded women. Emily Ratajkowski, who has appeared in the video, said that the music video was the bane of her existence.

Pharrell Williams is a man who changes with time!! Are his old songs un-acceptable in today's world?? 1

As he spoke to the men’s fashion magazine, Pharrell Williams said that the Billboard award-winning single has aged very terribly and revealed that the theme of the song would not have been accepted in today’s world.

Pharrell Williams said that he was born in a completely different era and that the rules of the matrix then would not apply now, and a lot of things would not have been allowed today that were allowed then. HE revealed that if he would not have written some of his old songs today and that he would get embarrassed by some of the stuff. He added that he needed to take a lot of time and grow a lot to get to the place he was now in.

Pharrell Williams, the 13-time Grammy award winner, revealed that he had received backlash from the performance of the song by Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus. HE said that this performance had flipped his perspective on what the song means to the people in the larger masses and in just his fan base.

Pharrell Williams explained that he didn’t understand what was wrong about his song. He added that the older white woman had behaved in the most surprising ways every time his song came up.