Pharrell William covers the new masculinity issue for ‘GQ’ in a yellow gown!

The American hip-hop artist has recently been featured in the latest cover of GQ Magazine, and it definitely made a good impression of himself all over the world.

Though the ten times Grammy Award winner is known for his fashion freak, he got severe masculinity issues. He was wearing a bright yellow gown for the front cover the material of the garment looks like a long jacket with no sleeves. It is completely zipped up. He was giving a strong facial expression into the camera with his blond hair.

Pharrell William covers the new masculinity issue for 'GQ' in a yellow gown! 3
The rapper was also wearing ornaments such as rings and a couple of bracelets giving a posture by placing his hands together. After Williams posted his picture on Instagram, he received around 210,000 likes just within five hours after his upload.

When he was questioned why he wanted to be on the cover of this particular issue, Pharrel told that the masculinity conversation is not discussed very often. The singer told me that he started dressing a bit differently because “When you listen to yourself, and you’re comfortable in who you are, you wear what you feel like fits and looks right on you. And that’s it.”

The singer is the lead vocalist of the duo production “The Neptune” formed by him along with Chad Hugo. He also formed the band name “N*E*R*D” with his childhood friend Shay Haley. Later Williams realized to release his solo’s, and he was quite successful in it. He was also nominated twice for Academy Awards.