People Are Sparking Joy Dressed As Marie Kondo This Halloween !

Halloween is all about dressing up as someone you love or adore! Many people dress up as someone they look up to or wishes to be like them! Recently a lot of people dressed up like this one person. Let us see what this celebrity has to say about this!

People Dressing Up As Marie Kondo This Halloween!

Some people did the sweetest thing and dressed up as Marie Kondo this Halloween! It was a visual treat to see these people dressed up as Marie and the photos are found viral all over the social media. On Wednesday, Marie Kondo posted pictures of people dressed up as her for the spooky festival.

Sparking Joy All Over Social Media!

Marie Kondo surely did not expect this to happen for sure! She is surely thrilled and happy about the love she is receiving from fans in the form of a Halloween costume. She jokes and says she never expected that she will be a Halloween Costume! She also uploaded ten of the best Marie Kondo costumes. These pictures can spark some serious joy!

All the pictures seem quite adorable and the common feature amongst all the pictures is the caption that is all about sparking joy. The adorable pictures have surely been overwhelming for Marie Kondo and she was quite sparked with joy it seems!

This year a lot of celebrities dressed as one another and added to the diversity and colourfulness of Halloween . This festival never fails to disappoint anyone around the block it seems.The Netflix series has become popular indeed featuring the Japanese decluttering expert who has become a household name overnight! Apart from all the sexy or scary costume this new style was indeed appreciated by people all around the globe. Even Marie Kondo was quite thrilled about it .