Pegg Worried About Cruise’s Stunts: Will They Spell Disaster for Tom in the Future?

Pegg Worried about Tom Cruise Stunts: “One Day, Something Might Go Wrong”


Actor Simon Pegg expressed his concerns about his co-star Tom Cruise’s safety during the filming of Mission: Impossible stunt work. In an interview with Deadline, Pegg said that Cruise’s stunts were “genuinely dangerous stuff,” and that one day, something might go wrong, and he might lose the famed actor. This article outlines Pegg’s worries about Cruise’s stunts and concerns about the future of the Mission: Impossible franchise.

Tom Cruise’s Death-Defying Stunts

Tom Cruise is known for his daring stunt work in the Mission: Impossible franchise. For example:

  • In Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation, he clung to the outside of a plane performing a stunt.
  • In Mission: Impossible- Fallout, he famously performed the HALO jump, falling out of a military plane at high altitude.
  • In Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, he performs a motorcycle stunt of riding a bike off a cliff and deploying a parachute just about 100 feet away from the ground.

Simon Pegg Worries Over Tom’s Safety

During an interview about the new Mission: Impossible installment, Simon Pegg expressed his concerns about his co-star Tom Cruise. Pegg said that while his character Benji stays behind the computer, Cruise does all the dangerous things he can think of – such as hanging off a train, jumping off a cliff on a motorbike, etc. Pegg revealed that every time Cruise goes for a big stunt, they all feel scared and worried about his safety.

Pegg’s Description of Cruise’s Dangerous Work

Simon Pegg revealed that Tom’s daring stunts had left him genuinely worried on numerous occasions. For instance:

  • Tom jumping off cliffs on a motorbike.
  • Hanging off trains in motion.
  • Driving a car while handcuffed to another person.

Pegg’s Fear of Losing Tom

During the interview, Simon Pegg acknowledged the risk involved in Cruise’s stunt work and stated that there was always a sense that one day, something might go wrong and they might lose Tom. Pegg’s co-stars feel the same way; they all fear for his safety every time he performs the risky stunts.

Future of the Mission: Impossible Franchise

No Plans of Ending the Franchise

Pegg, who has played a central role in the Mission: Impossible franchise since its third installment, has no idea if the franchise will end following Dead Reckoning Part One. He finished by stating that if there are more Mission: Impossible movies, he would be happy to continue and would definitely go to the cinema to watch them.

The Importance of Cruise’s Stuntwork

It’s impossible to think of the Mission Impossible franchise without its stunts featuring Tom Cruise, as these daring and mind-blowing scenes have become central to every movie in the series.


Tom Cruise’s incredible stunt work has left many people, including co-star Simon Pegg, worried about his safety. Pegg revealed that although everyone is concerned about Tom’s safety, they also have a lot of faith in him and his abilities to pull off the stunts safely. The Mission: Impossible franchise seems to have no plans of ending, and if the franchise continues, fans can expect Cruise’s signature stunts to play a central role in it.


1. How long has Tom Cruise been in the Mission: Impossible franchise?

Tom Cruise has been in the Mission: Impossible franchise since its inception in 1996.

2. What was one of Tom Cruise’s most infamous stunts?

One of his most famous stunts was one in which he clung to the outside of a plane for Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.

3. Has Tom ever been hurt performing one of his stunts?

Yes, Tom has been injured while performing stunts during filming.

4. How has Tom Cruise contributed to the success of the Mission: Impossible franchise?

Tom Cruise’s extraordinary stunts have been a significant driving force behind the success of the franchise.

5. Will there be more Mission Impossible movies?

The filmmakers have no plans to end the franchise, but it is unclear how many more movies they have planned.