Peaky Blinders Season 6: Fans exuberant and impatient at the same time? Checkout for release date, cast, plot and more insight!!

Expect Peaky Blinders season 6 to be released in 2021.

Steven Knight has confirmed that the writing of season six has already been done, but viewers, however, have been wondering when exactly it will be returning to screens as there wasn’t supposed to be a season six at all. The show was intended to end at season five, but then something else happened altogether. Ahead of its release, here is a look of everything known about the upcoming season so far.

New pictures from the set in Liverpool reveal Cillian Murphy with Paul Anderson, who plays the part of his brother Arthur. Murphy was expected to be back for new episodes, although fans were concerned about his character’s health following the cliff-hanger conclusion of season five. The sixth season will probably be the penultimate season, with creator Steven Knight recently confirming in a talk show, the seventh outing would most certainly be the last.

Even though it is officially confirmed by the BBC, production on the sixth season of the hit gangster drama has already started, and writer Knight confirmed to the BBC he has finished writing the entire outing. He also claimed that it is by far the best season.

There is no Peaky Blinders season six teasers or trailers as the shooting hasn’t begun yet. Filming apparently starts on February 11 in Liverpool and Scotland.

With season five’s cliff-hanger conclusion in mind, fans look forward to seeing some familiar faces trying to tie up loose ends of Tommy’s unsuccessful assassination of Sir Oswald Mosely.

The cast hasn’t been confirmed yet, but the fans will most certainly see Cillian Murphy’s return as Tommy, plus the other usual Shelby suspects. He was left rather distressed in a field with a gun to his head at the end of season five; the fans do want him to see him fight to live another day.