Peacock Cancelled the second Season of Dan’s Brown’s ‘The Lost Symbol’

Peacock terminated the second season of ‘The Lost Symbol’

Dan Brown’s ‘The Lost Symbol’ gained its TV Series on Peacock Television Network. The series is based on the novel written by Dan Brown himself. This series is a prequel to Robert Langdon’s film series.

The ‘Lost symbol’ is an action-packed mystery thriller, which has layers and layers of the story revealing. But unfortunately, this show isn’t getting a second season. Peacock said no to the sequel to it.

David Lee /Peacock
Courtesy: David Lee /Peacock

The Cast

The series stars Ashley Zukerman as Harvard Symbologist Robert Langdon along with Eddie Izzard, Beau Knapp, Rick Gonzalez, Valorie Curry, and Sumalee Montano as main roles.

The Mysterious Plot

The very chilling plot of this series is when the young Robert Langdon(Ashley Zukerman) was assigned a task by the CIA to crack the case and solve many puzzles on his way to finding his missing mentor(Eddie Izzard). This incident happened years before the ‘The Da Vinci Code’.

The Lost Storm
Courtesy :Peacock

The series is a 10 Episode of entertainment, which was aired from September to November 2021. In 2022 Peacock Entertainment decided not to opt for the second season of it.

It was premiered on September 16, 2021, on Peacock Platform. In India, it was introduced in Voot for streaming. In Hong Kong, the TVB network welcomed the series.

NCB scheduled its pilot episode to broadcast on its network on November  8th, which is a proud thing for Peacock.

Many fans who are following Brown’s works are enjoying the series on Peacock. It is slightly disappointing news as there is no second season. After all who doesn’t like a mysterious filled series! The star Ashley did justice to character which stole our hearts and at the same time made our spine chill when a twist unfolds.

In case if you haven’t watched this Thrilling show. Do watch it !