Peacemaker Finale: The Surprise Cameos Originally Included More Members

Does Warner Brothers have a proper plan?

Season one of Peacemaker came to an end, and was perfectly executed. Right before the finale aired, creator James Gunn announced the show’s second season. We can expect John Cena as Christopher Smith/Peacemaker to return in the next two years. However, we will not be talking about the show per se. The finale included cameos of the Justice League, but not everyone was present. Why was Batman and Cyborg not there?

The scene

Warner Bros.

The scene shows Peacemaker and his ragtag group of co-workers leaving the compound after killing the Butterflies and the “Cow.” At that moment, they run into the Justice League – well, most of them. Aquaman, the Flash, Wonder Woman and Superman arrive to check what is wrong. But we only see Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller’s faces, with Superman and Wonder Woman shrouded in darkness. The stand-in actors for Superman and Wonder Woman took to Instagram to announce their involvement.

We can understand that Gal Gadot was not able to make it due to her busy schedule. But Henry Cavill’s absence left a big doubt – was he still in the DCEU? The actor, as well as executives have not spoken about his involvement. But due to the fact that they got a stand-in resembling Cavill, it seems his future might be secure.

However, the bigger question comes about Batman and Cyborg. The stand-in for Batman shared some info, saying he was cut from the role. And we have no idea about Cyborg. Ben Affleck will appear on The Flash but will hang up his cape afterwards. Meanwhile, Ray Fisher has had numerous public arguments with DC execs. It is doubtful whether he will return.

James Gunn’s statement

Flash in Peacemaker
Warner Bros.

In an interview with Variety, Gunn was asked about the incomplete League. He answered that he doesn’t know, and there are reasons for it. But his guess was that it has something to do with “future stuff.”

Let’s hope WB knows what they’re doing.